DM6801B Hight precision digital Thermometer With K-Type Thermocouple Single Sensors Data-Hold lcd display

Item No.: DM6801B



1.This digital thermometer is with a digital LCD powered by a 9V battery.


2.Any kind of K-mode thermocouple can be adopted as the temperature transducer to measure Centigrade and Fahrenheit degrees, and also the temperature difference.


3.It has functions of data retaining, display in low-voltage and so on.


4.It is compact design, accurate measurement and convenient to use.


5.Can switch the unit between centigrade and Fahrenheit.


6.With the function of data retaining, and can display in low-voltage.





1.Model: DM6802B


2.Item Type: Digital Thermometer


3.Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD with maximum reading of 1999


4.Testing type: K-type sensor


5.Battery Type: 1 x 9V Battery(not included)


6.Temperature range: -50℃-1,300℃ / -58℃-1,999℃


7.Accuracy: -50℃~1,200℃: ±(0.3%+2℃) 1,200℃-1,300℃: ±(0.6%+2℃)


8.Display Size: Approx. 51*26mm / 2*1 inch


9.Testing Probe Length: Approx. 95cm / 37.4 inch


10Weight: Approx. 331g