ORP-169C ORP and Temperature 2 in 1 Pen Analyzer Digital ORP Meter

Item No.: ORP-169C


1. Large-capacity button battery with 4 large-capacity high-quality button batteries for durability.

2. LCD digital display, digital display, the effect is more accuracy, reading the value is more convenient

3.Simple button operation, simple button operation, easy to operate, after tens of thousands of button tests, durable.

4. High-sensitivity anti-rust probe, using high-sensitivity probe, high precision, free from magnetic interference, ensuring accurate test values

5. Ultra-low energy consumption, the water meter will automatically shut down when it is not used for a period of time.


Measuring range:0~±1999mV
Accuracy: ±5mV
Resolution:1 mV
Display:4-digital LCD
Power Supply:4×1.5V(AG13)



1: There is a white crystalline salt around the electrode. This is a normal phenomenon of the ORP electrode. Only when the electrode is immersed in clean water, it dissolves and disappears.

2: When testing the ORP value, it usually takes about a few minutes to about 10 minutes. Wait for the value to stabilize and jump very slowly or read the displayed value as the measured value when jumping up and down.

3: The display value in ORP and air is jumping, it is normal phenomenon that there is no regular change.

4: After use, please turn off the power, wash the electrode with pure water or distilled water, use a soft tissue to dry the water and put on the protective cover.

Battery installation:

If the display is blurred or not displayed, replace the battery in time. When replacing the battery, unscrew the top cover and replace it. Pay attention to the polarity of the battery.